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Onesies for Women

Sometimes you don’t need or want two separate pieces of clothing in the studio. What if you’re looking to just throw on one item and call it good? Meet Fedy Apparel’s hard-working line of onesies for women.

Pairing a sports tank and yoga shorts into a single garment, our onesies are ideal for yoga, Pilates, aerobics, dancing, running, biking, or any other activity where you need stretch, support, and minimal bulk. 

You’ll get moderate compression and lift around the bum and upper legs while your upper body is supported and free to move, stretch, and breathe. Your midsection can flex or bend however you like, and the entire garment is designed to be stretchy, easy to move in, and perfect for the widest possible range of activities.

Get More Done

While some onesies are delicate and better suited for yoga, Fedy Apparel set out to design a women’s onesie that does more than just lightly stretch. Our onesies work just as well for medium and high-impact activities and are great for just about everything; cycling, kickboxing, aerobics, lifting, dancing, and running.

You’ll appreciate the sweat-wicking fabric blend, cradling design, high-performance fibers, and seamless construction. Chaffing is minimized, moisture is drawn away from your skin, and flexibility is maximized. This allows you to stay active for longer, feel refreshed, and put even more effort into your session without feeling sweaty or tired. 

Your bum and thighs get some extra compression, too, maximizing blood flow and helping keep energy levels optimal. 

What about pairing these onesies with a sports bra? 

Our Onesies Work with More Bras

Need a high-compression bra? Pair it with our onesies. Need lighter support? A low-impact sports bra would work, too. Even a sexy push-up sports bra would look great here, for those days when you need some extra lift and more confidence. 

You’ll find the upper half of our onesies have plenty of room for every support level while keeping you secure and comfortable. Your neck and underarms will have plenty of room to breathe, while you stay sweat-free and mobile. 

You’ll also appreciate the range of colors and designs available; choose from traditional, somber colors, eye-catching neons, pretty pastels, or our Fedy branded apparel. You’ll look great, move easily, and stay comfortable no matter what activity you’re tackling.  

Check out our selection below, and find a woman’s onesie that’s perfect for your next bike ride, hot yoga adventure, run, or lifting session. Find other collections that are right for you.

Onesies for Women

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