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Push Up Sports Bra

Aiming to look beautiful, confident, and vivacious at the gym? At Fedy Apparel we have a range of beautiful push-up sports bras just for you. They’re perfect for active women seeking both style and practicality. Who says that training sessions have to be dull, or that sports bras can’t be head-turning?

Push-up sports bras allow women to look gorgeous while getting in shape. Why says a woman can’t be sexy as well as toned? You’re more beautiful the more powerful you are, and our push-up sports bras combine the best aspects of lingerie with the quality and versatility of a sports bra. 

Push-Up Sports Bras Don’t Compromise

A big part of our philosophy at Fedy Apparel is helping people look and feel their best while getting in shape. Can athletic wear be both practical and attractive? We think so. As women continue to break molds in sports and as physical fitness and beauty are increasingly seen as complementary and equally valid, many women want both sexiness and practicality as they work out.

To that end, Fedy Apparel offers you a full line of beautiful push-up sports bras. Look amazing and confident as you stretch, move, bend, and lift. You’ll get light support and a whole lot of lift as you work out, and these looks are great for casual social events or parties, too. They’re dignified enough to wear around town and yet still get you noticed.

Our Push-Up Sports Bras Work Hard 

Our line of push-up sports bras is modern, sexy, flattering and gives you the light support you need for yoga, walking, or working the hand weights while still looking beautiful and showing off your physique. These bras are perfect for looking your best in your next selfie, feeling confident, or making your next workout a little more social.

These bras may be flirty, but they’re still made of the same high-quality materials and fabric blends as all of Fedy Apparel’s fitness staples. Enjoy the gentle lift of a push-up bra with the moisture-wicking fabrics, durability, and practicality of athletic wear. There’s no need to choose looks over fitness, and with our wide range of colors and patterns, you’re sure to find a bra that works great for you.

Feeling Confident Matters

At Fedy Apparel, we want women to look and feel their best no matter what they’re doing or where they are in their self-care journey. Our push-up sports bras will cover and lift you wear it matters and are perfect for all body types. 

You’ll notice the difference and look great from the moment you leave your home to the hour you get back. Even better, you’ll stay dry and comfy while making a great statement. Feel more confident, be more social, and show off your natural curves while working on muscle tones. 

Which push-up sports bra is best for you? Check out our offerings below to realize you don’t need to compromise on beauty as you get fit.  

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Push Up Sports Bra

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