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Seamless Bra

Seamless bras are designed without uncomfortable, itchy inner stitching, underwire, or extra tags. Our line of seamless bras goes above and beyond even these standards to bring you a truly comfortable, flexible seamless bra that works just as hard on the track as it wears comfortably around the home.

Fedy Apparel wants to make activewear more accessible, better-looking, and more fun. We’ve taken the classic seamless bra and taken it to a level of sporty that would make Melanie C proud. 

Our designs range from retro-inspired track stripes to fun, modern colors. All of our seamless bras provide superior support, stretch, and comfort to stay active and mobile all day. 

A Seamless Bra With Better Fabric

How do you build a better bra? Get better materials. We’ve worked hard to find the right blends of cotton, spandex, and sweat-wicking fibers to keep everything soft, dry, and under control. 

We’ve also taken steps to keep the price down so you can go all in for a great seamless bra without spending $100 or more. Get more done; run, walk, hike, bike, lift, or just pair our bras with a shirt, tank top, or hoodie for all-day, worry-free support.

What makes our bras the ideal bra for an active lifestyle? Comfort. There are no tags, seams, prickly inner stitching, or bothersome extras to keep you from focusing on your day. Just put them on, and forget them. You’ll still get all of the compression, lift, and buoyancy you need and nothing you don’t. 

Lightly padded cups keep you smooth and self-confident, while a racerback style allows your shoulders to move, skin to air out, and upper body to stay relaxed. All of this in a single more affordable garment from a brand dedicated to keeping you moving in serious style. 

Great for Any Activity

We’re even more proud of all that you can get done in these bras. Seamless doesn’t have to mean “low-impact”. Try out one of our high-impact seamless bras for maximum hold and endurance. They’re great for boxing, training, running, weight lifting, and more. 

Our medium-impact line would serve you great on the bike trail, on a hike, or doing moderate aerobics. Need something great for yoga or lounging? The low-impact line is lightly supportive and super comfortable, making for an airy light experience all day long.  

Keep your closet stocked with this relaxed, durable, easy-to-wear staple that takes you anywhere you might want to go. Let Fedy Apparel supply your next favorite seamless bra, and take a look at what we have below.  See what else we have in store for you

Seamless Bra

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