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Lululemon sweatpants outfit

The Best Lululemon Sweatpants

Lululemon is a justifiably popular brand with a passion for high-quality, timeless-looking, and super comfy athleisure wear. Famous for their yoga gear, Lululemon has expanded their reach to includ...

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women in biker shorts outfit

From Casual to Glam | The Best Biker Short Outfits

Biker shorts. They’re ubiquitous on the trail,  during a race, and most of the Summer in bike-friendly coastal cities. But can these practical, snug shorts be fashionable? Are there ways to combine...

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lululemon tennis skirt abroad

The Ultimate Guide to Lululemon Tennis Skirts

Whether you’re just looking for something cute to pair with a hoodie or want a skirt that’s easy to bike or run in, tennis skirts are hassle-free, cute, and perfect for hot Summer weather. Looking ...

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Yoga For Digestion : Poses to Support a Healthy Gut

Yoga For Digestion : Poses to Support a Healthy Gut

Yoga is a discipline of meditation and stretching meant to bring balance back to the mind-body dynamic. It’s excellent for overall health, and many yogis report decreased stress levels, weight loss...

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older woman doing yoga on top of mountain

Yoga for Seniors : Gentle Poses For Aging Gracefully

One of the best things about yoga is that it can be enjoyed and benefited from throughout one’s lifetime. If you’re an older adult who’s never tried yoga, you can definitely use this ancient practi...

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women finding balance doing yoga

Yoga for Strength and Balance : Enhancing Physical Fitness

Many adults, especially as they get older struggle with balance. Others may find themselves needing some extra help with strengthening after an illness or to improve overall fitness. Can yoga help ...

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