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Belt Bags For Women

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edc purple fanny pack front viewedc purple fanny pack back view
EDC Fanny Pack - Purple Sale price$30.00
blue fanny pack front viewblue fanny pack side view
Small Fanny Pack - Blue Sale price$30.00
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limited green fanny pack
Canvas Fanny Pack - Green Sale price$24.99
Sold outfedy black and yellow fanny pack

 A Look for Every Day

Trends change, but an active woman’s need for convenience and style never fades. Some items come and go in popularity, but the best activewear accessories marry self-expression and convenience. Belt bags, also known as fanny packs, are making a comeback, and today packs are a far cry from the lumpy, plain offerings of the 80s and 90s.

Here at Fedy Apparel, we know that staying active doesn’t mean you leave the rest of your life at home. You’ve got errands to run, may have kids to pick up, or a medication schedule to keep as you stay active and healthy. Store keys, prescription bottles, a phone, credit cards, jewelry, and a few extra things as you run, hike, lift, or bike. 

Our fanny packs are stylish, roomy and comfy, and can be worn in any number of ways. Want to cinch it around the waste? Go ahead. Feel like strapping it across the chest and keeping your valuables close to you? That works, too. We offer a range of styles, materials, and colors to go with you wherever your day takes you. 

Our Belt Bags for Women

Are you wanting to dress your style up with something cute and flashy? We have brightly colored and patterned packs that will match the more colorful shades of fuschia or bright blue. We also have more subdued, traditional colors and styles in everything from classic black and white to browns, greens, and even vegan leather.

Need extra storage? Choose a larger size that can double as a small backpack when traveling. Size down and stay on top of your day while keeping your belt bag more discreet. A variety of strap styles make adjustments easy while allowing you to reduce bulk on the go.

Choose a texture, color, and style that meets your needs, and go for extra pockets, or extra storage if the day calls for it.  

Retro Convenience

Fanny packs and everyday packs are blending in style while retaining a lot of the retro charm of the 90s. Remember playing street hockey or rollerblading in the street until dinner was ready? Remember having no idea what anyone was doing until your mom called them on the home phone?

There was something simpler and happier about those days. In a way, fanny packs allow you to carry only the essentials, while letting go of the rest. They hearken back to a simpler era when we tended to be less stressed out and less connected electronically, and kids played outdoors. Recapture some of that nostalgia while staying active and taking the best of the 21st Century with you.

While we wouldn’t want to be as disconnected in an emergency, it can be freeing to disconnect from social media and get outside more often. Use your belt bag to express yourself, free up the space a full backpack would require, and enjoy your ride, hike, jog, or walk without worrying about leaving your stuff on a bench or the floor.   

They pair well with jeans, leggings, a sports bra, or a long-sleeve t-shirt. They’re cute and compact, and give you all of the storage you need without the extra bulk or heft. At Fedy Apparel have a size, style, material, color, and pattern to match your activity, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic.   ...