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Bellbottom Leggings

Looking for a bit of retro flair in your next pair of leggings? Our bell bottom leggings are fun, beautiful, and perfect for hot summer days. 

Stand out at the yoga studio or make a statement in town. These flowy, great-looking tights are ideal for the hottest Summer days. Our leggings sit snugly (but not too tight) around the bum and upper legs while flaring out dramatically below the knee. 

The result is a cool, stylish, and adaptable fashion staple that looks great with any casual or dressy top.

We’ve designed our bell bottom leggings with the perfect blend of class and functionality. Our breathable, cooling fabric helps you stay refreshed and comfortable all day long, while high-quality tailoring and sturdy stretch let you take these leggings to the yoga studio with ease.

A premium blend of cotton, spandex, and lycra will keep you fresh and active for hours, minus the sweat. Can these leggings replace a pair of nice pants, too? 

Can Bell Bottom Leggings Replace Nice Pants?

The answer : Absolutely. We’ve tailored our bell bottom leggings to look great as daily activewear as well as work hard giving you the right support and stretch for low-impact activities. This makes them just as useful for a fun day out as they are on a walk or for Pilates.

Is there anywhere you shouldn’t take them? While they do great for light aerobics, we don’t recommend them for biking or hiking. The bell bottom flare will tend to get caught on a bike chain and can drag or snag in muddy or thorny trails, so leave this pair at home if you’re planning on anything more intense than a studio session.

But you’ll find our bell bottom leggings the perfect companions around town. We’ve styled them for maximum comfort and wearability with a fun and retro array of colors and patterns. Try out our Classic Tie-Dye patterns for a fun, throw-back vibe, or go for something a bit dressier with Deep Plum, Acoustic Brown, or Mellow Maroon. 

Here at Fedy Apparel, we also know that fashion and a desire to look and feel great have no number limits, so we’ve been sure to size our leggings up to better serve a wider range of body types. Whether you’re an XS or a 3X, you’ll find something beautiful, supportive, and comfy to lounge, stroll, or sightsee in. 

Check out our fresh and elegant selection below, and find a pair that works for you! Explore our other wide rang of products as well.  

Bellbottom Leggings

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