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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Lululemon Tennis Skirts

lululemon tennis skirt abroad

The Ultimate Guide to Lululemon Tennis Skirts

Whether you’re just looking for something cute to pair with a hoodie or want a skirt that’s easy to bike or run in, tennis skirts are hassle-free, cute, and perfect for hot Summer weather. Looking for a great, well-made skirt to take biking? Lululemon, while famous for their leggings and yoga gear, also has a fantastic collection of tennis skirts.

Lululemon tennis skirts are cute, simple, airy, and pair beautifully with a sporty tank top, long-sleeve tee, or cute blouse. Wear them on the court or take them into town with an array of neat, thoughtful features and tasteful styles.

Let’s break down these activewear essentials and see what makes Lululemon a step above.

The Lululemon Tennis Skirt Racket 

Ok, we wanted to talk about this first. Lulumenon has added a brilliant yet simple trait; their tennis skirts all feature a stretchy, unobtrusive built-in pair of tiny biker shorts with their own pockets.

Yes! And the best part is you wouldn’t even know they’re there unless you examine the garment. Head-on you just seem to be wearing a skirt. This under-layer isn’t in the least bit bulky or awkward and provides the right amount of discrete coverage for bike rides, running, and more. 

These cute little shorts also come with their own pockets. Slide a phone into the side pocket or some cash into a drop-in pocket built into the liner. The pockets are wonderfully blended into the skirt and the entire look is seamless, cute, and extremely wearable.  

side view of lululemon skirt

Simple Yet Charming

Another thing we really love about these tennis skirts is the unobtrusive, quiet vibe they lend to any outfit. They’re not loud or crazy-looking and this makes them the perfect accompaniment to any top. 

The more classic and simple a design the better it goes with a wider array of styles, and Lululemon has nailed the understated, feminine aesthetic of their tennis skirts. The variety of fits is nice, too.

High-rise skirts with a wider waistband help smooth out a midsection while tiered pleats lend a bit of texture elsewhere. An extended liner on one model allows for a bit more coverage and creates the illusion of leggings underneath.

You’ll also appreciate the trend toward subtle colors. Hues like Summer Glow (a warm, pale peach), Blissful Blue, Tidal Teal, and Wild Indigo all have a light pastel quality that is pretty without being too brash to distract from the rest of your ensemble. 

What about the fabric quality?  

Luxtreme to the Max

These tennis skirts make excellent use of Lulumeon’s Luxtreme fabric blend to provide fantastic softness and stretch without losing their shape or going flat. 

Every part of the tennis skirt is designed with a perfectly dyed blend of Nylon, Lycra, Elastane, or Polyester. The weave is tight and high-quality without being bulky or trapping sweat. Mesh panels enhance ventilation while lining fibers draw sweat away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

You’ll also get plenty of stretch where you need it, and the inner shorts are incredibly comfy, elastic, and soft. They also wear closer to your skin (like bike shorts) allowing for a better range of motion, more privacy, and less distraction.

You’ll also find these skirts wonderfully lightweight and durable. Just take care to wash them with cold water with like colors and tumble them dry on low. Don’t iron them or dry clean and avoid any bleaches, even “color-safe” formulas. 

What About Sizing and Price?

How do Lululemon tennis skirts do with their sizing? Most of their skirts are available in sizes 0 through 14, while their Court Rival Tall, Court Rival Long, and Pace Rival designs all go up to a size 20. 

How much will these cute skirts set you back? This depends on the style and size that you choose, but $100 should be your available budget for a good-quality pair while the lowest price is around $80 when not on sale. 

They’re well worth your money, in our opinion, and all flattering and cute. These miniature skirts sit about 6 inches above the knee on average, and thanks to the lining, none of them are see-through.   

Final Thoughts

In all, Lululemon tennis skirts are excellent, attentively designed skirts that would work great on a bike, while running, or while out in town. The inner biker shorts lining is brilliant and uses fabric blends to help keep you cool while providing more modesty and versatility.

Take these beautiful skirts into town or just wear them on the court. You’ll find hidden pockets for a phone, wallet, cash, or anything else you might take with you. Tennis balls fit in there, too. Pair them with a cute tank top, sports bra, blouse, or sweater for a perfect look in warmer months, or as the air cools down.

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