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Zane Colton - Sep 05 2022

How to Wash Dress Shirts

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Imagine you are going out on a nice date and you want to look your best. You put on a dress to impress but in the middle of the date, you spill some wine on the dress. To make the dress salvageable, you are going to have to wash it and get the stain out. Otherwise, you face having to buy a new dress. For those on a budget, this could be a problem. The average American woman spends $545 per year on clothing. So, knowing how to wash dress shirts can be essential for trying to save some money and getting more use out of your favorite dress shirts. How often do you wash dress shirts? Does it take a lot of effort, or is it relatively easy? This is your guide on washing dress shirts. 

Wash and Press 

The first option that you have is to take your dress shirt to the local dry cleaner and ask them to wash and press your dress shirt. What a cleaner will do to start is put your dress in a normal washing machine and add some detergent. They should have a spin cycle for the washing machine that can eventually get all of the water out, leaving your dress only damp. 

After this, a cleaner will take your dress shirt out of the washing machine and put it on a shirt press. This item will cover your dress shirt while allowing the cleaner to be able to iron it. 

Ironing the shirt this way will not only avoid the dress from getting wrinkly, but it also should eliminate any noticeable stains that you have. Plus, because your clothes do not need a dryer in this situation, this process should be cheaper than doing a dry cleaning option at a dry cleaner. 

The main con to this option is that your dress is going to be mixed in with a lot of other people's clothing. This means that it can get buried in the process, and dry cleaners can get more aggressive with large groups of clothing. 

Plus, collars on certain dress shirts can get affected when you are taking your clothes back from the dry cleaners to your home. This may result in you doing a little ironing on your clothing before wearing it again. 

Dry Cleaning

Along with wash and press, you have the option of using dry cleaning at a dry cleaner. This is different from a wash and press in that you are not using water to wash your clothes. 

Instead, you are using a solvent to get those tough stains out of your dress shirt. This can be good for getting certain stains out such as those that come from oil. Plus, because you do not have to iron or dry shirts in a dry cleaner, it is less likely that your shirts will come out shrunk or damaged. 

However, there are some cons to going this route compared to a traditional wash and press.

The first is that certain stains are tougher to get out with this method than with wash and press. An example can be those pit stains that come from your sweat. A solvent may not be able to get that as easily as water and detergent can. 

The second con is that dry cleaning is more expensive because you are using a solvent rather than water and detergent. So, your laundry is going to become a bigger financial commitment if you decide to go this route. 

While it can offer benefits depending on your circumstances, review this carefully before going this route. 

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Washing at Home 

The cheapest option available here is washing your clothes at home. Now, some of you may not be confident in your washing ability.

However, others may simply not want to put in the time themselves. The average American woman spends over eight hours per month doing laundry. 

It is going to be a bigger time commitment to do laundry yourself, but you are going to have a lot more control over the process. Plus, you do not have to worry about your clothes mixing in with a stranger's clothing. 

You start out by putting your clothes in your washing machine and adding some detergent. Make sure that your machine has a spinning cycle to get rid of the water. Plus, put it in delicate mode if your dress shirt is made of more sensitive material. 

Then, you must take the dress shirt out and put it on an ironing board. If you are wondering how to iron dress shirts, the answer is just to focus on one part of the shirt at a time. This includes the back of the shirt, the sleeves, and the front of the shirt. Of course, do not forget to iron the collar if your shirt has one. 

Make sure you get your dress shirt out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle is completed. If not, you risk the wrinkles developed from that cycle drying into your dress shirt. 

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Learn More About How to Wash Dress Shirts

These are just some options that you have when it comes to how to wash dress shirts. Doing it from your own home is the most economical option and gives you the most power. However, washing and pressing at a dry cleaner may not be a bad option for those with more limited time. 

Do you have any further questions? Read more wash care articles to see what other laundry tips we can give you. 

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