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At Fedy Apparel, we know that athletic wear needs to look beautiful as well as go the second mile on your run. This is why we offer a variety of striking, modern strappy sports bras to help you look your best, stay moving, and coordinate with every outfit in your athleisure wardrobe.

What makes our strappy sports bras different, and what can a few extra straps do for your daily routine? Let us show you what we have lined up, and help you look your best while staying comfortable and in control. 

Why Strappy Sports Bras?  

Can sports bras be fashionable? We know they can. Extra straps are a feminine, eye-catching, subtle way to make a splash, enjoy what you’re wearing, and even adjust the fit of a garment to meet your needs. The range of styles and looks you can get from some extra straps allows you to mix up your look, contrast your outfits, and can even give you some extra lift and support where you need it. 

Straps are sexy, offer better airflow, and allow for greater creativity of design and ranges of motion, too. Are you wanting to stand out at the gym? Tired of the same sleek, simple look and want to mix things up a little? Looking for your next strappy sports bra? Let Fedy Apparel hook you up. 

Our Strappy Sports Bras Break Limits

Not content to give you just one look, at Fedy Apparel we’ve gone above and beyond to offer you a range of styles, strap patterns, and designs that work hard while allowing you to express yourself creatively as you move. Our diverse range of designs offer some beautiful, eye-catching options that don’t skimp on practicality or durability. They’re perfect for yoga, Pilates, light lifting, and walks on the beach.

Looking for back weave straps, or something more adjustable? At Fedy Apparel, we’ve got you. In all the latest styles and colors and for a range of activities, our strappy sports bras are beautiful, well-designed, comfortable, and made for moving. 

Fashion Meets Fitness

We realize that everyone wants to look great as they meet their fitness goals. What makes our strappy sports bras different? We take the extra time to combine durability with beauty for innovative new looks, sexy patterns, and high-quality fabrics to help keep you dry, supported, and comfortable on the go. 

Fedy Apparel changes things up, making sure that you’ve got athletic wear that looks just as great around town as it does during practice. Our commitment is to uniqueness and quality, and supporting you every step of the way to look great, feel great, and do you with confidence.   

Which of our beautiful strappy sports bras is calling your name? Take a look at our selection below, and find the fun, strappy style that works for you. Look beautiful and love yourself while getting fit and staying comfortable this Summer.

The Different Types of Sports Bras We Offer 

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