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One Shoulder Sports Bra

Fedy Apparel has what you need if you’re wanting to change up your look and diversify your athletic wear. Tired of symmetrical, traditional bra designs? Our one-shoulder sports bras give you a fluid, modern look, graceful lines, and the right amount of support for day-to-day activities and light workouts. 

Inspired by the feminine drape of a South Asian sari, these asymmetrical sports bras are eye-catching yet dignified, and allow you to mix up your look while staying active. Stay covered while still getting attention with style and in a high-quality bra that moves with you and flatters every body type. 

What Do Our One-Shoulder Sports Bras Offer?

While other companies focus only on durability or only on looks, Fedy Apparel wants everyone to feel beautiful as they live their best life. Do you, and look great doing it. Don’t compromise. Get the best of both worlds as you get active and look amazing in the process. 

Our one-shoulder sports bras give you some extra grace and style on the track while providing ample coverage and support for light-to-medium impact activities. Tired of sports bras that look like sports bras? Mix up your look without compromising on quality and dedication to activity. 

Do You, No Matter What Your Look

Activewear doesn’t have to all look identical. Find your style, and a design that makes you feel beautiful, compliments you, and keeps you moving. Living your best life means feeling great inside and out, and our one-shoulder sports bras are the perfect blend of subtle style and functionality. 

Our goal at Fedy Apparel is to allow active adults to shine no matter what they’re doing. Looking great as you get fit is a key part of that process, and all of our sports bras are designed with functionality and wearability in mind. 

Our sone-shoulder sports bras are durable, well-made, and will keep you dry and comfortable all day. Hit the beach, then hit the concert. You’ll look fantastic all day, while our sweat-wicking fabrics take care of perspiration and dry out fast. 

Wear It In Style

Want a certain color or design? We’ve got it. In a full range of styles and aesthetics, you’ll stand out in these sleek, beautiful pieces that move with you, support your frame gently, and keep you covered. Pair these great-looking sports bras with jeans, leggings, or even skirts for a fun night out after an afternoon’s workout. 

Our bold, feminine designs are perfect for hikes, training, and days at the beach. Providing light-to-medium support, our one-shoulder sports bras are a feminine, stylish way to stand out, keep cool, and stay moving. Find your look, own it, and feel confident all the way through. 

Let us help you pick the perfect one-shoulder sports bra for your day-to-day needs. Check out our asymmetrical offerings below, and look beautiful no matter where the day takes you.

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One Shoulder Sports Bra

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