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Zane Colton- June 22, 2022


Clothing Material Comparison Chart

With summer quickly approaching one of the most commonly asked questions we get is what type of athletic shorts should I purchase. With so many fabrics and designs to choose from it can become quite overwhelming. In this article we will be breaking down all the options you might run into. You will then have a better idea of what to expect when your “purchasing blind” from your favorite online retailer.


Fabric is the base of any good design. The designer must take into account the garments' expected use and the environment in which the garment will be used. All while balancing cost and efficiency for their target customer. To kick it off, we will start with my favorite fabrics for shorts, polyester.

Polyester Mesh When you think of polyester mesh think of your classic gym shorts. Most types of meshes used in sportswear and athletic apparel are made from polyester. This type of fabric is incredibly lightweight, and it has a noticeable ability to wick moisture. Unlike other types of fabric, polyester mesh does not get bogged down with sweat, and it is highly breathable.

Polyester Blends When you think of a poly blend, it may be easiest to imagine something similar to your average pair of board shorts, although some board shorts use a 80/20 nylon spandex blend, they tend to be comparable in feel. Spandex, also known as elastane or lycra, is a synthetic fiber best known for its elasticity. When combined with cotton, spandex makes a perfect fabric for clothing that is soft to touch and durable. Most commonly, polyester-spandex blends are used in activewear as spandex is stretchy and can retain its original shape while polyester remains durable.

Cotton When you think of cotton shorts it may be best to expect something similar to a sweat pants type feel. Cotton is a versatile fiber that can be woven or knitted into many different fabrics like denim, flannel, jersey, and more. Each of which, of course, has a slightly different feel and wear. All cotton fabrics are soft and breathable, which makes them perfect for warm climates and hot weather, and for people with sensitive skin. Keep in mind 100% cotton dries slowly, so it’s probably not ideal for activewear.


If you have ever experienced the beauty of a well-tailored suit and the refined feeling that comes with it. You have first-hand knowledge of what’s possible when you understand the basics.

Cut and Sew is much more than say purchasing a 32-inch waist short because have a 32-inch waist.

One of the most popular fashion trends taking place in 2022 is the comeback of short shorts. With the rise in fitness popularity and specifically the emphasis on legs and “booty”, it's no wonder consumers are rushing to show off their hard-earned gains.

The best way to find the product you're looking for is to search by inseam and then match your waist size accordingly.  This will help you break down the actual length of the short, giving you the style you’ve come to expect.

If you're on the shorter side of life (like me)  you may want to jump a size over for each size  for a more accurate look.

Inseam Definition - The seam in a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom part of the garment's leg area.

3,5,7 and 9 in inseam comparison chart

Above you will see the differences in a 3, 5, 7, and 9in short. 


You may have noticed this popular feature rising in your gym lately. With the right outfit they tend to look pretty cool and can add some depth to a persons fit. More than just fashion they serve a real world purpose of preventing chaffing and providing additional support. They also have a moisture management aspect to them that will allow you skip out on underwear. Personally I find them uncomfortable and with moderate exercise a little excessive. 

Shorts Liner Example Worn
Shorts Liner Example Flat

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

Gym Shorts with Zipper Pockets

THE IMPORTANCE OF POCKETS With many of the retailers rushing to stock the shelves for summer, one of the most commonly overlooked attributes I see is a lack of pockets. Which is pretty absurd considering they were created over 500 years ago.

A recent survey reported that 78% of consumers marked pockets at the top of their list for something they look for when shopping for a new pair of bottoms. One of the most important things we found through 100’s of hours of real-world  use is that there is no practical reason to not have zipper pockets. Worse than not having a place to store your valuables Is having a place and realizing it wasn’t safe... as you're patting down your pockets wondering where your keys went.

 There is the occasional argument that zippers may not feel natural for the hand-in-the-pockets dwellers, but with thoughtful design, the zippers can be designed to be low profile, while remaining just as long-lasting as their bulky counterparts.  

Mesh Shorts 5 Inch Inseam
fedy mesh shorts close up
mesh shorts with pockets side view
inside of mesh shorts nylon waist band
5 in mesh shorts front view 2
5in shorts front view model
Mesh Shorts 5 Inch Inseam
fedy mesh shorts close up
mesh shorts with pockets side view
inside of mesh shorts nylon waist band
5 in mesh shorts front view 2
5in shorts front view model

Mesh Shorts 5 Inch Inseam


Upgrade your running gear with our black men's mesh shorts.

  • Premium mesh shorts 
  • Double layered polyester 
  • Embroidered Fedy emblem  
  • Branded nylon waistband
  • Low Profile Zipper Pockets 

Composition: 100% Polyester
MPN: SH00029-B29

Men's Mesh Shorts

Introducing a new designer take on the classic mesh short, a must-have addition to your athletic wardrobe. These premium shorts combine style, functionality, and comfort to elevate your performance and keep you looking sharp.Crafted with attention to detail, these shorts feature a preshrunk double-layered polyester.  

The double layer not only enhances durability but also provides added support and comfort. Say goodbye to worries about shrinkage and enjoy a perfect fit every time you wear them. While most men choose these shorts, a number of women fans are starting to develop, making them an overall unisex clothing piece.

Running Shorts

Designed with convenience in mind, these shorts boast low-profile zipper pockets. These pockets offer a secure place to store your valuables while you're on the move. Whether you're running, playing sports, or engaging in various activities, you can trust that your essentials will stay intact, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

To ensure a comfortable fit and added style, these premium shorts are equipped with a high-quality nylon waistband. The waistband sits comfortably on your hips, providing a secure and adjustable fit that stays in place throughout your activities. It adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design while enhancing your mobility.

Polyester Mesh 

The breathable mesh construction of these shorts guarantees excellent airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable even during intense workouts or hot weather. The lightweight fabric allows for optimal ventilation, preventing overheating and wicking away moisture. It's the perfect choice for running, gym sessions, or any other activities that get your heart pumping.

The breathable mesh construction of these shorts guarantees excellent airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable even during intense workouts or hot weather.

Women's Gym Shorts with Pockets

If you ever shopped for shorts with pockets as a women then you likely know it's like finding a need in a hay stack. Long ago clothing designers dismissed this basic feature for women's clothing. 

As a designer I was unaware of just how large this conversation has become. A reddit forum's respondents try to make sense of the situation citing various reasons this has become the new norm: 

  •  Hour glass curves are disrupted by full pockets.
  • Advertisers and designers picking up on needing an alternative storage container(s), and seeing the purse as a cash cow

Whatever your reasoning the fact remains a functional outfit should be just as available to women as men. Here at FEDY we love finding overlooked pieces of the market like this. It proves in 2022 there is still room for improvement on essential products as basic as women's polyester shorts.

It's no wonder our latest mesh short the S1068 is a popular choice for women. A great all around unisex short that will have you wondering how you lived without pockets all this time.

Polyester Athletic Shorts : The Final Verdict

If you found this article informational we're doing our job as product researchers. Every product from FEDY APPAREL undergoes weeks of research before we even begin the first stitch.

Gathering data on what you the consumer find most important is at the heart of everything we do here. The S1068 is the result of weeks of research and hundreds of hours of real-world tests. So what does all come down to?

Double Layered Polyester for Increased Durability

Low Profile Zipper Pockets to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Nylon Waistband for Increased Comfortability 

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