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Zane Colton - Nov 01 2022

A Guide to the Best Athletic Socks

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Hhe pandemic may be winding down, but it's left a lot of problems in its wake. One unexpected outcome is a 25-30% uptick in foot injuries. One of the culprits may have been the whole barefoot trend.According to Dr. Manchanda, an orthopedic surgeon, walking barefoot can expose your feet to injury and infection. You don't want to do that. You want stylish, supportive socks that'll keep those puppies looking and feeling great.Join us as we take a look at the best men's athletic socks and more that you can get your hands on right now. Pairing your socks with the right shoes will go a long way in improving comfortability. 

Why So Many Types of Socks?

Finding the Perfect FitOK, we all accept that wearing your bright white Nike athletic socks with a razor-sharp suit is not a great look. But is there really all that much to learn about the different types of socks?

Turns out, yeah, there is. Whereas smart socks tend to stick to cotton and occasionally wool, athletic socks usually include synthetic fibers like polyester and polypropylene. Both have excellent moisture-wicking properties, something you're definitely looking for in athletic socks.

Beyond that, the slight changes to the construction make them more suitable for different sports.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Just because a sock is in your size range doesn't mean that it's the right fit for your feet. Try them out for tightness. You want them to feel secure, but not be so tight that they're cutting off the circulation to your foot.

You should also feel support around your arches and Achilles tendon. This connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. You won't get any Achilles support with no-shows. Some ankle-length socks are designed to provide a level of support to this area.

Best Men's Athletic Socks

Let's start with an outstanding all-rounder. Athletic socks need to provide support, flexibility, and excellent moisture-wicking qualities. Plus, they also need to provide padding to protect the soft tissues on the balls and heels from injury.

It's tough to beat Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew socks. They're the number one best seller on Amazon for a reason. They feature a cushioned sole, extreme durability, and will wick away moisture all day long.

They're available in a ton of color choices and we love that they have built-in arch support.

Man Changing Socks on Track

Man changing into higher performance athletic socks

Best Soccer Socks

Soccer puts a lot of pressure on your feet. If you're serious about the beautiful game and upping your athleisure credentials, check out TruSox 3.0. Available in mid-calf and ankle length, they've been specifically designed to prevent your foot moving around in your soccer shoes and distracting you during the game.

TRUsox® patented IN//EX tech™ grips both internally and externally at the same time. This means that your feet are protected, however fast you have to change direction, sprint, or backpedal. They're available in thin and cushioned styles.

Man Standing on Soccer Field
Male Soccer Player Navigating Ball

Learn more about how the most expensive soccer apparel

Best Football Socks

Whether you're wearing cleats or football shoes, you need the perfect socks to complement them. Enter Adidas Creator 365 Crew Socks. They're available in 4 sizes from small to XL and 8 colors.

They use a blend of natural and synthetic fibers to give you a high level of comfort. They wick away moisture to help you feet stay cool, dry, and able to grip the turf.

Football requires a lot of split steps that can put pressure on the ankles. These socks provide additional ankle cushioning for extra comfort when you make your move.

They're also anatomically designed, which dedicated left and right fitting socks and have arch compression for additional stability. The TRAXION® footbed offers excellent grip and control. 

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Finest Socks for Tennis

Tennis is an interesting sport in terms of what it does to your feet. It requires a lot of split steps and lateral movement. You also need to be ready to run forward and trust your socks to provide grip and support.

If you hit the courts on a regular basis, our pick for the best socks for tennis are Thorlos Tennis Crew Thick Cushion Socks. They're the ultimate sock for tennis players because they combine comfort and moisture wicking with outstanding shock absorbing qualities. Perfect for heavy comedowns after leaping for overheads.

They're also designed to stay in place despite all the stopping, starting, and pivoting involved in an intense match.

Best Golf Socks

The best golf socks needs to provide moisture wicking, comfort, and stability. Our pick is FootJoy ProDry Roll Tab socks. They're super comfortable and their blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester means they fit like a glove while keep your feet dry.

They have extra padding to keep your soft tissues protected during those long days on the links.

Outstanding Hockey Socks

The best hockey socks need to provide oustanding security. You don't want to be slipping and sliding inside your skates in the heat of battle.

Our pick for the best hockey socks are Bauer Hockey Essential Tall Skate Socks. They keep moisture at bay, and provide compression. This can help to keep them in place and reduce fatigue.

Best Baseball Socks

Baseballs socks have come a long way from their stirrups days. Now most players favor either a low cut or high sock. Our pick - TCK Socks - come in a huge range of colors and go right up to the knee.

They provide compression and a breathable mesh to keep you cool. Moisture wicking technology helps keep blisters to a minimum. 

Take Your Athleisure Game to the Next Level

Take Your Athleisure Game to the Next LevelThe best men's athletic socks are the perfect complete to your athleisure look. Whether you choose an all-rounder or need something more bespoke that suits your favorite sport, athletic socks do double duty. They look great while keeping your feet in peak condition.But you'll need more than just great socks to create the perfect athleisure ensemble. Check out our Fedy hat collections for more inspiration.

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