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Scrunch Leggings

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Leggings are ubiquitous these days, and while the standard silhouette for this activewear staple is smooth and streamlined, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here at Fedy Apparel, we understand that having quality, functional clothing is as important as being able to feel good about what you wear, express yourself, and look great in the process. For active women wanting to show off a little bit more, our scrunch leggings can be a part of this. 

So what are scrunch leggings? They’re leggings that lift, shape, and accentuate the rear end, giving you a notable, rounded, peach-like shape to your backside. This effect is achieved mainly through a sewing technique that separates bum cheeks distinctively, instead of the single-panel design that tends to smooth things over. 

The result is a view from the rear that accentuates and emphasizes the bum cheeks, making you look bigger than you would in regular, sleek leggings. Does this sound like a look that might flatter you, or make exercise more fun? Cheeky, even? Let’s look into why these leggings are so popular with some active women, and what our collection can offer you.

Why Choose Scrunch Butt Leggings?

Getting active can be sexy and flattering, too. From sexy sports bras to push-up options that lift and flatter, more and more women are finding that getting fit can look sexy, and give a boost of feminine confidence at the gym or in the studio.

If you’re looking for durable, comfy leggings that accentuate your backside while complimenting your naturally full booty, we have a fantastic array of beautiful, affordable leggings just for you. While thicker rear ends have been looked down on in the past, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and others have helped the world see that a big bum is beautiful, eye-catching, and feminine. Freddy Mercury would agree.

Choose our scrunch leggings for a sexy, curvy, confidence-boosting look that matches any outfit. We have a color, pattern, and design that will work for you. Mix and match to compliment your top or mood for the day. Leave the house looking great, feeling beautiful, and getting fit at the same time.     

What Makes Our Leggings Better?

At Fedy Apparel, we understand the value that body positivity, style, and confidence add to a fitness routine and health goals. We want you to look great, feel great, and reach your goals while feeling excited in your own skin. 

Our scrunch leggings are built not only for quality and affordability but also a dedication to athletes of every shape, size, and fashion sense. Our scrunch leggings are made of a durable, flexible cotton-spandex blend, and are built to last. They’re not only flattering, they’re tough, beautiful, and are built to stretch and move. 

Have a look at our sexy, exciting, daring collection of beautifully-made scrunch leggings below, and find a pair that works for you.