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From Gym to Street: Sexy Sports Bras for Every Occasion

Sports bras have gone from being functional and uniform in design to be beautiful, feminine, playful, and great for the gym as well as the park. Sports bras, first designed in the 1970s, are meant to provide a woman with support and compression during exercise, and today’s designs marry functionality and style.

Sexy sports bras in particular are a growing trend. While what makes a piece of clothing “sexy” may vary in definition from one consumer to another, most women would describe a sexy sports bra as being beautiful, flattering, noticeable, and capable of accentuating physique while providing confidence during jogs or practice sessions. In other words, these garments draw the eye while filling a role. 

What Makes A Sexy Sports Bra

Some women may wonder why you’d need or want a bra that draws attention as you exercise. Well, wearing something beautiful as you work out doesn’t have to be about getting attention. It can also be about boosting confidence, feeling pretty, rewarding yourself, and loving your body as you get in shape and work on fitness goals.

These bras work well under a sweatshirt, but can also be worn on the beach, or double as a bikini top. They’re attractive, versatile, soft, and wear comfortably all day. While many local sporting goods stores and clothing retailers sell attractive sports bras, for something truly special and a wider range of styles, we like to check online first. Many online retailers can offer designs and colors not readily available in-store, and you’ll find a range of options. 

So when should you skip the sexy sports bra and wear something more traditional?

When To Avoid 

While every woman wants to look her best, some activities lend themselves better to pretty activewear. You’ll find that most of the styles on our list are ideal for low-impact sports like yoga, light aerobics, and walking. 

If you need more compression, you can either go for a traditional high-impact sports bra or pair a sexy bra with a compression bra underneath. Just size up on your sexy bra and layer for a unique look. That may sound odd at first, but layering with activewear is increasingly common, and allows you to get exactly the look you want without compromising on function. 

So what are the best sports bras out there that combine charm with practicality? We have a list lined up for you from some of the best sports and active brands out there.

Lululemon Align Asymmetrical Bra

The Align Asymmetrical Bra from Lululemon is chic, unique, and striking. This beautiful one-strap offering from Lulumeon has a sleek, unexpected design that flatters your upper body, draws the eye in novel ways, and makes you look great. The Align Asymmetrical Bra is a light-support bra great for yoga, Barre, Pilates, and walking.

The design is minimalist yet sexy and looks beautiful with lettings or jeans. The Align Asymmetrical Bra comes in Flush Pink, Poolside, and Black for color offerings and sizes 2-14.

Nike Swoosh Icon Clash Wrap

Can a sports bra be effective as well as classy? The Nike Swoosh Icon Clash Wrap combines both, with truly attractive front wrap straps that echo the look of a modern little black dress while giving you medium levels of support for biking, aerobics, and lifting. The interior support band pairs with the exterior wrap for confidence that doesn’t constrict. 

This design is classic yet striking and draws the eyes without showing too much skin. The Nike Swoosh Icon Clash Wrap comes in Black and in sizes XS through 2XL.

Alo Yoga Ribbed Destination Bra

The Ribbed Destination Bra from Alo Yoga is cute, daring, and helps keep you moving. Featuring an attractive center cut-out that shows off cleavage and stretchy, breathable fabric that moves with you, the Destination Bra is beautiful, flattering, and sure to get attention.

Pair this bra with lounge pants or capris for a perfect Summer look. It’s available in the color White and sizes XS through L. 

Gymshark Strike Sports Bra

The Strike Sports Bra is youthful and curvy, and boasts a faux-one-strap design that tricks the eye, and leaves you looking great. The open, strappy back provides plenty of breathability, while the strong, stretchy fabric helps you flex, bend, and stretch with ease. 

The Strike Sports Bra offers light support for everyday activities and also boasts removable padding and full lining. This bra comes in Alpine Green, Dragon Pink, and Black and in sizes XS through XXL. 

Victoria’s Secret Energise Sports Bra

The Energise Sports Bra from Victoria’s Secret is unique in a few different respects. First, it resembles lingerie more than it does a traditional sports bra. This makes it sexy and noticeable right off the bat. It’s also designed for high-impact sports, which makes it stand out in the crowd of sexy sports bras with only light support. 

It’s also built with bigger women in mind, making this perfect for full-figured women who want to jog, lift, bike, or kickbox. Available in Black and DD through O cup sizes, this is a sexy, unique offering that stands out and works hard. 

Feeling Great In Your Own Skin 

Beauty doesn’t have to be flimsy; it can be practical, too. All of these offerings demonstrate that women can work out, look great, and feel confident about their bodies at the same time. Sports bras don’t have to be dull or tame. As the summer approaches you may be thinking how to stay cool and comfortable. Sports bra swim tops are a great option that will give you the best of both worlds. 

The best sexy sports bra is going to be the one that gives you the right support for the activity you’re pursuing while matching your unique aesthetic. Do you want more or less coverage? What about compression? While most of these bras are best for low-impact sports, you can also choose to wear them under a compression top for maximum hold and maximum beauty. 

Finally, make sure the garment is comfortable, and allows you a full range of motion. Feel free to pair it with squat-proof leggings, jeans, or capris for a beautiful look around town or in the gym. 

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