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Booty Shorts

Need something casual, cute, and attention-getting for your next workout? Want to stay comfortable and dressed down at an outdoor event? Or maybe you just need something easy to bike in.

Welcome to Fedy Apparel’s collection of cute, high-quality booty shorts. Booty shorts, unlike typical short shorts, are designed for maximum comfort, stretch, softness, and wearability. Whereas other shorts may trend more towards a jean-line design and tailoring, these shorts are meant to be casual, spandex-like, and ideal for relaxing or athletics.

We have a wide range of colors, styles, and features to make your next workout more enjoyable while helping you feel confident and sexy all Summer.

Booty Shorts : More Than Just Curvy

While these stretchy shorts started as a daring fashion statement, they’ve evolved into a valuable staple in athleisure wear. Fedy Apparel strives to bridge the gap between quality fashion and well-made activewear, keeping both affordable and tailored to every activity level.

They’re perfect for yoga, workouts, kickboxing, biking, and any activity where you need maximum mobility and minimal fabric constriction. They wear like underwear and are similarly elastic, breathable, and designed to allow your legs, hips, and knees to move in any direction.

Unlike leggings, our booty shorts breathe better, too. Even the most porous and lightweight leggings will still be a bit warm, and our shorts allow your entire leg as well as your pelvic area to breathe easily. This makes them perfect for hot yoga, sweltering Summer runs, and any activity where you’ll work up a sweat.

These shorts are stylish, too, and would pair well with a top in most casual environments.

Cute As Well as Practical

At Fedy Apparel, we want every athlete to feel confident, happy, and at home in their own skin. This means offering a range of colors and patterns for every mood and every top.

Check out our tie-dye shorts, solid prints, and subtly branded booty shorts. Whether you’re looking for a color palette that’s muted or loud, we have something for you. Our four-way stretch cotton-spandex blend material is as soft as jammies while still being durable and perfect for sports.

A high waistband keeps you smoothed over while working out, and sculpting contours flatter as well as support, improving blood flow and energy levels. Pair these sexy, comfy shorts with a tank top, sports bra, or t-shirt for the perfect casual look. Head from the studio to the beach with no limits and no need for a change of clothes. Our booty shorts will keep you sweat-free, cool, comfy, and looking beautiful no matter where your day takes you.

And with a wide range of sizes, you’ll find a fit that works for your body type, flatters you, and shapes your rear end while reducing chafing. The smoothing panels reduce ride-up while seamless stitching keeps you looking polished.  

Booty Shorts

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