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Article: 9 Comfortable Loungewear Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

9 Comfortable Loungewear Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

9 Comfortable Loungewear Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

comfortable loungewear


If you're a fan of comfortable loungewear, commonly referred to as athleisure wear, you're in luck! According to the numbers, this trend is one that's here to stay.

For one thing, athletic-inspired casual sneakers and skate shoes are set to surpass dressy shoes as the US' largest footwear category. The number of women buying sports bras grew to 45% in 2018. Even workout-inspired makeup is making some waves.

These are just a few of the many elements of comfortable, active-themed wear. 

And what's not to love? With many fashion lines dedicating their production to the ever-popular athleisure wear, there's no "frumpiness" to be had. These looks are cozy and on-point—you can take them from the studio or gym to the street.

So, for all those preparing to build up your wardrobe with these year-round staples, keep reading. We highlight the must haves in this guide.

1. Athletic-Inspired Comfortable Sneakers

We couldn't mention these casual sneakers just once!

Their importance in your wardrobe goes without question. If you're fitted from head-to-toe in your comfy loungewear, you need some sneakers to tie the whole look together.

From Adidas to Nike Airs and beyond, there are several options out there for you, all designed to be lightweight and flexible while still providing ample support. Perhaps you work out while wearing them, and maybe you don't—they're made to look good regardless of why you're rocking them.

2. A Matching Sweatsuit 

A sweatsuit in a matching color and fit will have you looking so put-together, it'll amaze you how comfortable and powerful you feel.

Choose any size you'd like—fitted, with cinched wrists, waist, and ankles, or looser, to rock an oversized look. Pair your sweatsuit with your favorite sneakers or gym bag, and you'll be good to go from the moment you wake up until it's time for bed.

3. A Go-To Hoodie for Day or Night

Whether you're planning to attend a restorative yoga class or you simply want to keep warm while walking the town, you need a go-to hoodie that you can grab day or night.

When it comes to athleisure wear like this, the material is everything.

You want something soft and cozy that's also durable enough to work out in. If you're wearing something for the first time and it tears, that's a red flag. Invest in quality gear that'll keep you from shivering, but also not contribute to sweating. 

4. The Perfect T

A comfortable loungewear outfit needs that perfect t-shirt.

It should be sculpted and fitted to your body, without being too tight or restrictive, and made with a cozy texture that promotes your relaxation.

The perfect t-shirt can be worn alone or layered with a hoodie. Look for neutral colors that fit a variety of hues, and you may not change your t-shirt all week! (Although, we hope you will.)

5. Fitted Joggers

Joggers are everywhere, and you don't need to be jogging to wear them.

These track-style pants are form-fitting, including an elastic, cinched ankle feature. That element keeps them from getting in your way while moving about or becoming a tripping agent.

Pair them with slides, sneakers, a crop top, a t-shirt—the options are limitless.

6. A Layering Tank

Layering tanks are perfect for when you're not sure what the weather's going to be like.

The ideal fitted tank top looks fantastic on its own, as you move and twist in a power yoga class, and still looks great peeking out from under a larger t-shirt or your zip-up hoodie.

For this look, go for wider, more supportive straps. You can choose a full-coverage tank or one that's cropped, depending on your tastes.

7. A Cozy and Supportive Sports Bra

Sports bras are no longer those uni-boob-inducing devices that take sexiness out of the equation. They've officially gotten the cute upgrade.

Sports bras today feature a variety of styles, from strappy, crisscrossing backs, to mesh cut-outs, to deep Vs, and more. Choose anything from neutral, earthy colors to bright, in-your-face patterns. Match them with your leggings, or go for a color-blocked yet cohesive look. 

8. A Dad Cap

What the heck is a dad hat? We're glad you asked.

A dad hat is what all the cool dads are wearing—in other words, a baseball cap. It's form-fitting, not too flashy, and has that perfect duckbill shape to keep you undercover.

It's not a snapback; it's not flat-brimmed. It's a simple cotton or canvas cap with a curved brim, just like our fathers wore before us. It doesn't have to match perfectly, either, which is the beauty of this accessory!

Throw one on with your matching sweatsuit, and you're good to run errands, run miles, and everything between.

9. Sculpting Leggings

The perfect leggings do exist.

They're not see-through—a big no-no when you're in downward-facing dog. They're sculpting and contouring, highlighting the muscles in your legs (and glutes!). And they're designed to stretch and move with you.

Choose a thick material that's supportive and not opaque. The options are plenty—high-waisted or not, 7/8-length or ankle length, capris, ribbed, with mesh cut-outs or without.

You can really make a statement with your leggings by investing in a quality pair that becomes your go-to.

Comfortable Loungewear: A Perfect Blend of Effort and Ease

Who says dressing cozily means you've got to look lazy or like you just rolled out of bed?

Banish that stereotype and try out comfortable loungewear for yourself. With these wardrobe staples, you'll look effortlessly cool. You'll probably even spare yourself some getting-ready time in the mornings, which you could then spend doing better things—having breakfast, working out, meditating, walking the dog—all of which is possible in this gear.

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