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Dive into Comfort: The Benefits of Sports Bra Swim Tops

Sports bras are versatile, easy-to-wear garments that do just as well in the park as at the gym. But one place where it can be challenging to take a sports bra is the local swimming pool. 

Sports bras do great at wicking sweat, stretching, and moving with you, but they tend to weigh you down in the water. Is there a solution to this? Happily, alongside a wide range of new sports bra varieties is the sports bra swim top. These bras are made from the same materials as a bathing suit, and dry off quickly while keeping you supported and confident in the pool. 

Sports Bra Style Swim Top

A sports bra type swim top tends to be a bit more streamlined and often provides better coverage. This makes them ideal for use when swimming, as the intensity and nature of water activities require greater compression and better aerodynamics.

Sports bra-like swim tops are also made from materials meant to withstand the harsh effects of chlorine or the assault of sea salt when swimming in a pool or the ocean. Typical sports bras can hold up to a workout and sweat, but they won’t do as well against chemicals and salt. Sports bras meant for swimming do a great job of retaining their shape and structural integrity in the toughest conditions.

What are some of the drawbacks of a sports bra style swim top, and where would they not work very well?

When To Wear

Sports bras designed for use in water are durable, sleek, and stretchy, but they may not be ideal for everyday active wear depending on your activity of choice. The materials and fabrics that make swimwear waterproof and fast-drying also tend not to breathe very well, so if you try to wear one of these bras on a jog, you could find yourself sweating and uncomfortable. 

This can be mitigated by a racerback design and mesh venting fabrics, but overall these bras do well in the water and for every day, low-impact activities when out of the water. 

Another drawback for some women can be the rather conservative designs of water-ready sports bras. Some women love the high necklines and better coverage, whereas others are looking for something a bit more daring and showy. A sexy sports bra may be best for you if you fall into the latter category, as swim top bras are often a bit more modest and top-like.

Apart from that, a sports bra style swim top works great as an in-town or all-day option. After you’re done swimming, you can feel free to keep it on and pair it with jeans or capris for lunch, sightseeing, or errands.  

So what are the best sports bras that can double as a bikini top? We’ve compiled some of our favorites below to help you pick the right one for you this Summer. 

Nike Women’s Bikini Sports Top

The Nike Women’s Bikini Sports Top is an eye-catching one-strap sports bra that looks beautiful in the pool or on a walk. Made from sustainable materials and featuring a unique yet flattering color contrast, these sports bras feature an asymmetrical look and a smooth fit. 

You’ll get a stylish and flattering sports bra that’s best for light-impact activities and comes in Racer Blue or Black and in sizes XS through 2XL.

Athleta Bra Cup Bikini Top

The Bra Cup Bikini Top from Athleta is perfect for those women wanting maximum stretch and comfort and maximum coverage. It may say “bikini” but this top is more like a crew-neck sports bra, and its sleek, minimalist design would pair well with any outfit. 

The recycled fabric is better for the environment, while the strappy back allows for better breathability, stretch, and airflow. This top comes in the colors Coffeeberry, Dark Adonis Blue, Skylark Blue, Cerulean, Black, Dress Blue, and Coral Petal and 32 through 40 cup sizes. 

Speedo Women’s Panel Tankini 

The Panel Tankini from Speedo is a beautiful, simple sports bra-like top that wears great as a tank or as swimwear. The built-in shelf bra gives support and structure, while the design of this beautiful black sports bra swim top makes it great for sightseeing, biking, yoga, or backyard parties. 

The Panel Tankini comes with matching shorts, but feel free to pair it with bermudas or leggings and keep it on after you’ve hit the gym. It comes in Black with Pink accents and in size 28. 

Nani Atlanic Cut Back Crop

The Atlantic Cut Back Crop from Nani is a truly beautiful sports bra that performs just as well in the pool as in the yoga studio. It provides maximum support and good coverage, and the double-band design helps keep it in place no matter what you’re doing. Other neat features include a zip-up back, removable cups, superior compression for a swim top, and a solid fit that can keep you comfortable all day.

The Atlantic Cut Back Crop would be especially good on the bike trail or hikes and comes in a single Blue-Gold-and-Orange striped design and sizes XS through XXL. 

Title Nine Real Deal Bikini Top

The Real Deal from Title Nine is a simple, beautiful sports bra that looks lovely on any figure. The design is classic sports bra, with medium compression and coverage and a timeless, sleek look that pairs well with anything. The fabric is UPF 50 and ideal for long days under the sun while the quick-dry cups keep you comfortable and feeling lighter all day.

The sand-resistant lining is another great touch and the Real Deal comes in Azalea, Deep Lagoon, Opal Blue, Blueberry, Black, and Blueberry Print. Available in sizes XS through XL.

Is this Swim Top Type Right You 

The sports bra swim top is a medium-support bra that works well in the water. Made from hydro-resistant materials and with sleeker designs than traditional sports bras, they dry out quickly and can accompany you to the beach or the park with ease. 

These beach-ready sports bras tend to have a more modest cut and would be perfect for women seeking more coverage along with good support and versatility. Their ubiquitous look pairs great with any bottom, and the extra stretch and durability of these bras make them a perfect companion for the hiking trail, bike lane, or yoga studio.

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