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Lift and Support: The Best Push-Up Sports Bras for Active Women

Push-up bras are a simple and effective way for many women to feel more confident and improve their silhouette while on the go. Created in the 1960s, push-up bras use padding and wires to lift the female figure and create a more youthful, sexy look and they traditionally pair well with party dresses and red-carpet events. 

But what do you do if you want the flattering presence of a push-up bra while working out, biking, or doing yoga? Are there bras that give you an attractive boost while keeping you secure during a workout?

Yes! Push-up sports bras offer both the flattering lift of a push-up with the activity-friendly support and flexibility of a sports bra. You can have a bra that is beautiful and complimentary while boasting the stretch and reliability of activewear. Push-up sports bras are becoming increasingly popular, as more women don’t want to have to choose between looking feminine and staying fit. 

What's A Padded Push Up Sports Bra For?

Combining lingerie and workout gear might seem like a strange idea, but as athletic clothing for women evolves, so do consumers’ expectations. Activewear for women doesn’t have to be baggy, boxy, or androgynous. Sports bras that lift and flatter are getting more popular as women see an active lifestyle as tied into their wider social life. 

This includes social media-ready photo ops, chances to meet possible future partners, and simply working sports into the rest of their life in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. 

When To Use  

Most lifting sports bras are going to be safest when paired with gentler activities. It’s less common to find a bra that offers compression, coverage, and lift all in one garment, though they do exist. 

Most push-up sports bras are better suited for light walking, aerobics, and yoga. Can you do kickboxing or jogging in one of these bras? Sometimes. You’ll have to be sure that the product you’re buying matches the activity you’re wanting to participate in, and we’ll go over these differences in a moment. 

So what are the best push-up activewear bras on the market, and which one is right for you? All of them offer something unique, but we’ll go over our top 5 picks and help you select one that meets your lifestyle needs.

Fedy Apparel Ulra Lift Sports Bra

The Fedy Ultra Lift Push-Up Sports Bra is a fantastic blend of sexy and practical. Helping give you an extra lift while you walk, stretch, and work the hand weights, our push-up sports bra is perfect for light-impact activities. It’s attractive yet dignified and is sure to keep you dry and comfortable while boosting your mood. Our breathable fabrics stretch and move with you, giving you gentle support and a fantastic color palette to select from. 

While other sportswear companies emphasize practicality at the expense of style, Fedy knows that both things matter when you have fitness goals. Choose our push-up sports bra to give your light workout the extra style and personality you need to feel great. Available in sizes XS through XXL to help you look beautiful all Summer long.

Victoria’s Secret Incredible Knockout Sports Bra

Victoria's Secret has long been a household name when it comes to lingerie, and they’re now making strides in attractive and modern activewear. The Knockout Front-Close Sports Bra is a brilliant combination of sexy and practical and has several thoughtful features that make this bra unique.

It’s approved for high-impact sports and boasts two layers. A hidden padded layer sits next to your skin and gives you gentle yet noticeable enhancement while a locking front zipper and cushioned straps give you superior security, support, and coverage. It’s a really neat blend of practical and beautiful, and you can count on Victoria’s Secret to deliver high-quality items that can last for years. 

These bras are available in sizes 32B through 40F and come in a range of beautiful colors and patterns like Gem Green, Raspberry Cooler, and Deep Purple Leopard. 

Lululemon All Powered Up Black Push Up Sports Bra

Lululemon’s All Powered Up Bra is designed for medium-impact sports like cycling and cardio and offers gentle lift and separation while providing ample support for bigger women. Designed for training, these bras are practical yet subtly flattering and boast sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable.

The hook-and-eye closure allows for a custom fit, the straps are adjustable, and the soft brushed underband helps give you support without chafing. You’ll find this bra in sizes 32 B through 42 DDD (or F) and in Black, Smoked Spruce, Pink Savannah, Red Merlot, Flush Pink, Breeze Blue, and Blue Nile. 

Nike Pro Indy Light-Support Padded Bandeau Sports Bra

Made of sustainable materials and undeniably cute, the Nike Pro Indy Bandeau Sports Bra is flattering, flirty, and ideal for light-impact activities like walking, stretching, and yoga. This is one of those bras that you wear to the gym to stand out and stay comfortable while doing Pilates. It’s modern and stylish enough to be worn around town in Summer as well. 

The Nike Pro India Bandeau Sports Bra is made with recycled polyester and is produced in a way that minimizes waste while keeping quality high. This beautiful, modern sports bra is available in sizes XL through 2XL and comes in Red, Black, and Pink. 

Under Armour Infinity Low-Covered Sports Bra

The UA Infinity is a beautiful, sexy sports bra that was designed from the ground up to be flattering and comfortable, and to provide a gentle lift that is natural and feminine. The injected molding is a part of the bra itself and can not be removed. This helps the bra move with you, as though it were a part of you while giving the chest subtle definition and emphasis. 

Built for light-support activities like walking and Tai Chi, this bra is comfortable and versatile enough to be worn all day and is super smooth, soft, and fast-drying. It comes in sizes XS to XXL and is available in Teal, Black, White, Purple, Red, and Gold. 

Athleta Ritual Adjustable Bra

The Ritual Adjustable Bra is a beautiful, moves-with-you item that blurs the line between everyday and sports bra. It gives a noticeable lift with maximum comfort and is perfect for walking, Barre, Pilates Yoga, or light workouts. The material is stretchy, breathable, adjustable at the straps, and looks and wears just like lingerie. 

The main differences are the superior fast-drying fabric, comfy flexibility, and breathable mesh fabric in the back of the garment. The sexy, minimalist design is both eye-catching and classic. The Athleta Ritual Bra comes in sizes XXS through XL and in the colors Athenian Blue, Snapdragon Rose, Magnolia White, and Black. 

The Best Women's Push Up Sports Bra Conclusion

The best ways to choose a push-up sports bra are to consider the activity you’ll be engaging in. The more coverage and support the better if you’re going for high and medium-impact activities, while light activities or sightseeing can be done in more casual push-up sports bras.

All of these offerings are designed with stretch, durability, and activity in mind, and all can be worn pump covers or as a stand-alone Winter top. All breathe well and are designed to keep you dry and comfy as you sweat. There’s no need to choose either femininity or practicality with these offerings, and all of these bras are well-made, from trusted brands, and pair well with shorts, leggings, track pants, or jeans.  

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