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Impactful Designs: A Look at Champion Sports Bras

Sports bras are a must-have for any active woman. They’re practical, comfortable enough to wear all day, and provide just the right amount of compression and support for low-to-high-impact activities and sports. Since the 1970s, when women’s sports became more recognized and celebrated, sports bras have been an important part of female athletic attire.

One of the leaders in durable, well-made sports bras is the Champion brand. Founded over 100 years ago, Champion has decades of experience building thoughtful and high-quality workout gear for men and women. Champion sports bras, especially, are prized for their no-nonsense commitment to quality and functionality while still being feminine, beautiful, and fun to wear. 

Let’s take a look at the company, their history of commitment to women’s sports, and their legacy of developing and perfecting the modern sports bra. 

The History of Champion

Champion gets way less credit than it deserves for truly revolutionizing the way activewear looks, wears, and feels. They’ve been around for over 100 years, and are behind some of the most iconic ideas and designs of the 20th Century.

Founded way back in 1919 by the Feinbloom Brothers, Champion got its start as Knickerbocker Knitting Mills in Rochester, New York. In 1922, the company changed its name to Champion Knitwear Mills Inc. and began developing high-quality uniforms and athleticwear for private high schools. 

This began decades of Champion being heavily involved in the athleticwear arena, often working closely with coaches and athletes to understand what they needed out of the uniforms, and how to best equip teams. 

In the 1930s, Champion invented the hoodie. That’s right, the hooded sweatshirt was first developed, sewn, and marketed by Champion. Now a staple of streetwear as well as athletic wear, the hoodie works just as well as a jogging shirt as it does around town, or on the sidelines. 

How Did Champion Get Into Sports Bras? 

In the late 1960s, the “Lady Champion” label took off as women looked for brands to help them stay active, fit, and healthy. The first sports bra ever, the JogBra, was invented in 1977 by Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Miller, and Polly Smith, and the bra became an iconic part of Champion’s line-up. 

This design proved to be incredibly popular, and Champion went to work designing even more practical, great-looking bras for active women. They quickly became a leader in female activewear and were among the first brands to truly appreciate and invest in women’s sports. 

Today, the brand makes everything from leggings and tops to jackets and sweatshirts. Champion has always taken women’s sports seriously, and the sports bra is one area where the company  innovates and shines.  

The Best Sports Bras from Champion

So what are our favorite sports bras from Champion? We’ll share our top picks below, and help you pick the best Champion bra for your workout.

Authentic Sports Bra 

The Authentic Sports Bra is a simple, basic, beautiful option that works well for medium-impact activities. Perfect for jogging, biking, and yoga, this versatile bra has a soft cotton-spandex blend fabric that keeps you snug without being constrictive. Easy to put on and take off, it works well by itself or under a comfy hoodie when the workout is done.

It’s pretty yet functional, the absorbent-yet-light materials will help keep you dry and refreshed. Available in Raspberry and sizes XS through 2XL, it’s made for a range of body styles and figures.  

Authentic Sports Bra Plus Size

More than just a size up, this beautiful, simple bra is specially designed for bigger women to be comfortable, stretchy, supportive, and practical. Soft fabrics won’t dig into your skin, and the generous underband helps lift and cradle. 

The soft cotton-spandex blend is perfect for Summer and also works great under sweaters once it’s cold again. The Plus Size Authentic Sports Bra is ideal for everyday workouts, walking, cycling, and yoga and comes in Raspberry and plus-sizes 1X and 2X. 

Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Bra 

This excellent sports bra is specially designed for more intense activities. This Champion high-impact sports bra is both practical and fun to wear. It’s unique in that the design is wire-free, offers maximum compression, yet lightly separates the upper chest for a more feminine look. The mesh neckline, front inset panel, and straps all help keep you cool, supported, and confident no matter what you’re doing. 

The Double Dry technology keeps sweat away from skin while the super soft underband keeps you comfy. The Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Bra is available in Pinksicle, Surf The Web Blue, White, Oxford Heather, Nude, and Black and sizes 34 through 42. 

Champion Seamless Ribbed Racerback Crop Top 

Blurring the line between a top and a bra, the Ribbed Racerback Crop Top is perfect for the gym, park, or casual sightseeing. The high-coverage neckline gives you more coverage for in-town activities, while the soft, stretchy fabric moves with you like a second skin. 

Made from 48% recycled Nylon, it’s also better for the environment and looks great by itself or when used to layer. Available in Trekking Grey, Midway Brown, and Black and sizes XS through 2XL.

Motion Control Underwire Sports Bra 

Most sports bras are wire-free, but this Champion underwire sports bra utilizes technology and creative design features to keep this bra comfortable as well as compressing. This bra is designed to cradle and move with a woman’s body as she goes through the most intense of workouts. Powermesh and a criss-cross back keep the airflow maximized and the tall center front keeps you covered and maximally contained. 

Available in Black, Paris Nude, and White and sizes 34 through 42, this is a good option for fuller-figured women who need excellent compression, comfort, and a full range of motion.

The Curvy Sports Bra

The Curvy Sports bra provides excellent mid-range compression while being flirty, sexy, and beautiful, too. It’s meant to get you noticed while helping you feel beautiful and stay active. The molded cups shape and support while Double Dry technology keeps you cool and fresh all day. 

It’s great for cycling, workouts, and light aerobics and comes in Oxford Grey, Black, and White 

and sizes XS through XL.   

What Makes Champion Sports Bras So Great?

With nearly 100 years to innovate and as a leader in female activewear, Champion has a few key features that help their sports bras truly stand out. They have a vested interest in helping women achieve and feel comfortable while active, and the company has the history to prove it. 

Champion likes to keep their styling pretty, yet simple. You’ll notice the minimalist, curvy, yet practical designs. What they lack in stunning or eye-catching aesthetic novelty, they more than make up for in high-quality materials and innovative technologies. 

The Double Dry fabric blend technology in particular is carefully selected to help draw moisture away from the skin, keeping you fresh and dry no matter how much you sweat. This tech also helps reduce bacterial growth, fights odors and allows you to enjoy longer sessions in comfort. 

Power Mesh fabrics used by Champion are also especially woven to be maximally stretchy while remaining durable. This is key for high-intensity activities and allows your skin to breathe better. This, in turn, helps control sweat and moisture along with the drying fabric. It’s the perfect combination for a wide range of sports and outdoor activities, especially the more intensive ones. 

Champion is also a master at compression technology. The build of the bra, the toughness of the materials, and the mechanics of strap and cup design all help Champion to provide fantastic compression while remaining wearable and allowing for a full range of motion. The brand understands that women need strength, support, and stability when they work out, and all of these things make the final product a step above. Kickbox, power lift, job, or row with confidence. 

One drawback? Many consumers describe the bras as running a bit small. Champion sports bras sizing is sometimes a size down from what you’re used to. Try ordering a small if you’re usually a medium, or a medium if you’re usually a large. Otherwise, Champion is rated as one of the comfier sports bras to wear, and the straps are especially well-designed and generous.

Final Thoughts

Champion sports bras are truly next-level in providing functionality and wearability. Since 1977, they’ve been developing and perfecting the sports bra to help female athletes stay confident and supported no matter which sport they choose.

You’ll appreciate the Double Dry technology, durable fabrics, thoughtful blend of fibers, and commitment to recycled materials in their array of styles. They’re also great at blending genuine compression and support with all-day wearability. Whether you’re walking, jogging, doing yoga, rowing, or lifting, you’ll find a Champion sports bra that works for you.

Just take into consideration the activity you’ll be enjoying, and make sure that the sizing, compression, support, and coverage are appropriate for your particular needs. Champion sports bras sometimes run a bit small, so consider sizing down from your typical size selection.   

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